Grocontinental's Tom retires at 79


It has been a long road for Tom Taylor but at the age of 79, the Grocontinental driver has stepped down from the cab for the last time.

Tom, from Whitchurch, first worked for Grocontinental in 1973, when the haulage firm was a much smaller operation than the one he is leaving.

There has been one constant, however. Ray Grocott - the son of the founder, Nellie Grocott - was chairman of the company in 1973 and he still is. He said: “Men like Tom have been at the heart of Grocontinental’s success over the years and we have always appreciated his loyalty and reliability.

“The working life of a driver is full of all manner of experiences and, among other things, the nature of the job means that men like Tom can work beyond retirement age. Good drivers are always precious to a company like ours and it has been marvellous that Tom has been able to continue working on a casual basis. We are sad to see him go.”

Tom, a keen gardener, was presented with a gardening hamper which included a selection of tools and vouchers.