Specialist services


Specialist Services for the food industry

Blast Freezing

Intrinsically linked with our frozen storage offering, we can provide a daily blast freezing capacity of up to 360 tonnes.


Grocontinental provides a co-packing service enabling customers to complete their product handling in one place. We develop and adapt equipment and resources to suit the requirements of each product.

  • De-boxing and re-boxing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Bar coding
  • Handballing and product weighing
  • Product labelling to individual requirements
  • Inverting pallets
  • Export packing preparation

Cheese Cutting

A dedicated on-site cheese cutting service has been developed for our dairy industry customers. Cheese can be delivered in, cut, re-packed and then stored prior to distribution.

  • Retail industry standards for cheese cutting (BRC Accreditation)
  • Product cutting and packing
  • Dedicated facilities for grading and cheese sampling
  • An experienced and established team
  • Fully-automated packing line

Ingredient Sorting

We offer an ingredient sorting service ensuring the highest standards are achieved followed by product packaging for onward distribution. Working together with our customers, we establish the most effective process for each individual product.

  • Retail industry standards for ingredient sorting and co-packing
  • BRC Accreditation
  • Sorting of ingredients to achieve quality standards
  • Three lines, each capable of sorting frozen, chilled and ambient temperature products
  • Two lines incorporating vibrating belts that scatter and separate the product to facilitate detailed inspection