Customer Service


Customer Service

We forge positive and long-lasting relationships with our customers

Good business is all about partnerships.  We are very proud of the relationships we have established with our customers.  Grocontinental is a family-owned business that was founded 75 years’ ago upon honesty, trust and good working relationships with our customers.

Our commitment to servicing our customers has led to relationships that extend to 25 years and more.  With a dedicated account management team and advanced technological infrastructure, our goal is to make our customers feel as though they are on-site with us or that we’re an in-house team attached to their business.

We have developed a bespoke online ordering and stock control system.  This was designed and developed in-house by the Grocontinental IT Team and we work hand-in-hand with our customers to deliver full compatibility with their own systems.

The advanced technology provides customers with an online system which facilitates full visibility of stock and easy-to-use online ordering.

Staff training continues to be geared towards excellence in what we do.